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Proud moment for Pakistan as Google shares former DSC Lead Krinza Momin’s story

There is no doubt that at this moment, Pakistan has one of the most talented groups of people living in it. We’ve got some of the finest physicians, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and women, performers, singers, dancers, musicians.

Unfortunately, it is also a fact that many of these individuals go unnoticed due to lack of funding, lack of financing, or simply lack of courage. But once in a while, when a Pakistani comes along and gets highlighted, not only on a national level, but in an international community around the globe, it becomes a proud day for every Pakistani out there.

Google has recently highlighted Krinza Momin, a former Google Developer Student Club (DSC) member, as a former University Leader for the group in Pakistan.

Krinza, a Karachi computer scientist who through her community, “discovered her leadership potential,” was the FAST-NU DSC Leader. She is also the founder of the NUCES Student Club for Developers.

She mentions in her story that when she grew up, she saw a lot of men working in computer science and software engineering, but not women. She was fascinated by computers and was encouraged to pursue a career in computer science by her father, which led her to C National University.

She found her classes dominated by men, also in her bachelor’s year. She “mustered the courage to apply to DSC as a lead” for her university in those years.

Quick forward to now and Krinza is graduating from college. Along with DSC’s signature competition, the Global Solutions Challenge, she has won two national hackathons.

Krinza feels that DSC has allowed her to communicate in ways that would not otherwise have been possible with the global community.

She hopes that other people, particularly women in Pakistan who one day aspire to be leaders, can gain the courage to step up and build their own opportunities because according to her, “Saying Yes” is the best thing you can do for yourself.”

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