Monday, March 4, 2024

PSO Has Announced to Keep Its Filling Stations Open During Countrywide Strike

The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) has called for a nationwide strike to begin on Thursday, November 25th, for an indeterminate duration in order to enhance profit margins.

Regardless, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has announced that, from November 25, all of its Company-Owned-Company-Operated (COCO) filling stations will remain open, while all other private petroleum dealers will go on strike.

Across total, the PSO operates 23 COCO filling stations in Pakistan, which are scattered among a few cities.

According to its official website, it has one gasoline station in Faisalabad, one in Hyderabad, two in Multan, one in Quetta, five in Rawalpindi, four in Peshawar, two in Sukkur, and seven in Karachi.

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