Saturday, June 3, 2023

PUBG Mobile Enters the Age of the Dinosaur in Version 2.6, Faeturing Game-Changing Worldof Wonder Updates and Elite Motorcycle Collaboration

PUBG MOBILE, a highly popular mobile game, is launching its Version 2.6 Update, which will introduce exciting new features and collaborations. One of the major additions is the Dinoground, a prehistoric-themed map that will be available from May 16th to June 18th. Players can explore Dino Settlements in Erangel and Livik, filled with abundant supplies to collect. Additionally, the formidable Tyrannosaurus Rex may randomly spawn in the Fossil Keep of the settlement during a match. Players will have to destroy the gate of the keep to unleash and ride the T-Rex.

Primal Zone areas will also appear randomly across Erangel, teeming with hostile Pterosaurs and Velociraptors. Once tamed, these creatures can become mounts with unique abilities. Velociraptors are versatile across various terrains and possess a powerful jump, while Pterosaurs can take riders to the skies, allowing them to grab teammates or enemies from above. Primal Zones will also feature mini-games that players can participate in to earn in-game rewards.

One of these mini-games is the Pterosaur Hoops Challenge, where players must showcase their aerial acrobatics by flying through hoops suspended from hot air balloons within a time limit. Skilled players will receive Dino Treasure supplies as a reward upon completing the challenge. Additionally, players should keep an eye out for Dino Treasures located on high platforms. By using the Velociraptor’s powerful jump, they can access these treasures and claim the rewards.

The Version 2.6 Update also expands the World of Wonder creative mode, allowing more players to join in and build to their heart’s content. The update includes significant improvements and upgrades to enhance the building experience and turn player creations into masterpieces. Furthermore, World of Wonder introduces a new multiplayer platformer racing template that features hidden traps, testing players’ skills.

Cycle 4 Season 12 updates will be part of the Version 2.6 Update as well, providing players with additional content, rewards, and cosmetics to unlock and enjoy. The Royale Pass Ace for this version brings new core rewards, Season Missions, and an intriguing backstory that aligns with the launch of the Dinoground.

Lastly, PUBG MOBILE will soon announce a partnership with a prestigious motorcycle brand, adding another exciting element to the game.

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