Sunday, July 14, 2024

Punjab Announces Free Solar Systems for Less than 100 Units/Month Electricity Consumers

The Punjab government has unveiled a plan to distribute free solar systems to 50,000 households, aiming to lower electricity expenses for those who use less power. This initiative, worth Rs10 billion, is specifically designed for homes that consume up to 100 units of electricity each month.

To take part in the ‘Roshan Gharana Program,’ households that qualify need to send their electricity bill reference number and their identity card number via SMS to 8800. The National Telecommunication Corporation will then check this information and forward it to the Punjab Information Technology Board for further validation.

Once the information is confirmed, the approved households will be included in a list managed by the district administration for the solar system installation. This program seeks to provide relief to low-income families by reducing their electricity costs through the use of solar power, promoting a more sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.

The government’s initiative not only supports financial savings for these families but also contributes to the broader goal of enhancing renewable energy use in the region. This move is part of a larger effort to improve energy efficiency and reduce reliance on traditional power sources, aligning with global trends towards greener energy solutions.

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