Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Punjab CM Maryam Attends Police Passing Out Parade in Uniform

Maryam Nawaz, a prominent figure, was honored with a guard of honor and was given the opportunity to present awards to outstanding individuals from the Police Training College. During the event, she was the guest of honor and had the privilege of reviewing the parade, observing the disciplined display of the police cadets.

In her speech, the Chief Minister of Punjab expressed her government’s strong commitment to increasing the representation of female officers within the police force. She emphasized the significance of this initiative in promoting gender equality and empowering women in law enforcement roles. The CM highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusion in creating a more effective and responsive police force that reflects the broader community it serves.

Reflecting on the solemn responsibility that accompanies wearing the police uniform, the CM underscored the importance of upholding integrity, professionalism, and dedication in serving the public. She acknowledged the challenges and sacrifices made by law enforcement personnel in ensuring the safety and security of society.

Furthermore, the CM reiterated her government’s dedication to providing adequate training, resources, and support to enhance the capabilities of female officers. By fostering a supportive environment and encouraging women to pursue careers in law enforcement, the government aims to break down barriers and create opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the police force.

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