Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Punjab Govt Announces Free Flour to those with Less than Rs. 60,000 Income under Ramzan Package

The 10th meeting of the provincial cabinet was presided over by interim Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi today in his office. With the help of the federal government, the Punjab administration launched Pakistan’s largest and most distinctive Ramadan aid package during the meeting.

In a historic move, the government has decided to give away free wheat flour to the general population for the holy month of Ramadan.The cabinet approved a programme to give away free wheat flour bags to families making less than Rs. 60,000 as part of the special Ramadan relief package.Throughout the month of Ramadan, families with identity cards will receive three bags of 10 kilogrammes of flour for free.

10 crore people and 1.58 crore families will gain something from the free wheat flour bundle. The free wheat flour package, which will be offered at particular grocery stores, truck stops, and convenience stores, will assist about 90% of the people in Punjab. The free wheat flour will be distributed starting on Sha’ban 25 and running through Ramadan 25.

The CM also ordered that large businesses be told to set up specific counters for this reason and that the number of stores and trucking sites be increased throughout the province. The families registered in the Benazir Income Support Programme will be able to acquire a special bundle of free flour, and unregistered families can get free flour by enrolling over the phone.

The Punjab Information Technology Board has produced software for the distribution of free wheat flour bags. This programme will be observed by commissioners, RPOs, deputy commissioners, and DPOs in their respective districts. Additionally, it was instructed to launch a campaign to raise awareness of the aid package.

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