Monday, April 15, 2024

Punjab Govt Established ‘Sahulat Bazaar Authority’ to Control Food Prices

As per PM instructions, to guarantee the accessibility of important goods particularly flour and sugar at a fixed price in the province, the government of Punjab has released orders to field officers to establish ‘Sahulat Bazaars’ at the tehsil level and take strict action against the flour mills selling government quota wheat in the market and against sugar mills involved in hoarding.

As per the news, The Punjab government has formed Sahulat Bazaar Authority (SBA) under which they will set more Sahulat Bazars up in the province to control food inflation. Presently 362 Sahulat Bazars are operating in different cities of Punjab.

Hashim Jawan Bakhat, Punjab Finance Minister, declared that the government had set up Sahulat Bazaar Authority to control the food price increases throughout the province. The Govt has allocated Rs. 1.5 billion for SBA to guarantee the supply of essential food items at affordable prices.

He disclosed that a farming package worth Rs. 100 billion has been added to the budget to enhance the native grain production, adding up as compared to the previous government, the current provincial government has boosted agriculture by over 306% in the budget.

The Minister said that the provincial government has taken various actions to control food inflation; they have increased the minimum monthly wage to Rs. 20,000 besides the 25% increase in special compensation along with a 10% general increase in the salaries of all employees from grade 1 to 19.

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