Saturday, April 20, 2024

Punjab Issues Truck Driving License to Transgender Person for the First Time

In Punjab’s Muzaffargarh, the Traffic Police Department has made a historic move by granting a Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV) driver’s license to a transgender person for the very first time.

Shahaana Abbas Shani, the recipient of this special license, shared that her dream of having a dignified job motivated her to take this important step. Shani faced some difficulties while learning to drive, as some truck drivers unkindly turned her away, wrongly assuming she was trying to take an easy route to make money by begging.

The Muzaffargarh Traffic Police Department confirmed that Shani received proper training on traffic rules for HTVs. The head of the Police Help Center, Sibt-ul-Hassan Shah, explained that Shani passed the driving test and was granted her HTV license by the department.

He encouraged other transgender individuals to follow Shani’s example and pursue respectable ways of making a living.

Shani hopes to be an inspiration to fellow transgender people all over Pakistan, motivating them to aim for honorable jobs within the country or even overseas.

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