Thursday, July 25, 2024

Punjab to Launch ‘Apni Chhat Apna Ghar’ on Aug 14

The Punjab cabinet, under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, has given the green light to several new initiatives. These include the “Apni Chhat Apna Ghar” program and the “Chief Minister Punjab Kissan Card Program,” both scheduled to launch on August 14.

In addition to these initiatives, the cabinet made several other important decisions. They have decided to stop the extension of government house allotments for employees after they retire. To address healthcare needs in remote areas, they introduced incentives for doctors who work in these regions.

A significant move by the cabinet was the approval of the Punjab Sikh Anand Karaj Marriage Registrar Rules 2024. This makes Punjab the first province to implement the Sikh Marriage Act, marking a historic step for the Sikh community.

Other approvals by the cabinet included measures to handle the upcoming monsoon season effectively. They also decided to establish a garment city to boost the local textile industry. To improve education, the cabinet approved plans to enhance nutrition and the curriculum in public schools.

These decisions reflect the Punjab government’s commitment to improving living conditions, healthcare, education, and economic opportunities for its citizens.

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