Monday, May 20, 2024

Punjab Traffic Police Finally Switching to E-Challans to Stop Corruption

According to the official sources, Punjab’s traffic police wardens will start to issue e-challans from 23rd March, and the manual challan system will no longer be used.

The e-challan system will be adopted in Punjab not only to make the traffic police system more transparent, but it will also help to remove corruption, and allow all challan data to be unified.

However, in order to replace the old challan books, traffic wardens will soon be provided with smart printers.

The traffic officials stated that in case of violations of the traffic laws in Punjab, including Lahore, traffic wardens will generate slips using a smartphone app and print them with the smart printers using an online system, as per the traffic officials.

Further, the e-challan will include the challan officer’s details and beat, as well as all the personal information of the violator.

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