Sunday, July 14, 2024

Qatar to Donate Thousands of Buses, Bought for FIFA World Cup

Qatar is going to donate buses used to provide transportation during the World Cup to Lebanon in order to support the country’s transport sector, as per sources.

According to sources, PM Najib Mikati shared the issue with Qatari officials on the sidelines of the World Cup. It was inspired by Doha’s desire to donate World Cup related infrastructure for developing countries.

The donation includes all football infrastructure, thousands of stadium seats and buses. Qatar had purchased around 3,000 buses, in addition to the 1,000 buses it already has, which were utilized to provide transportation facility for free during the event.

Sources confirmed, the Qataris vended to provide seats suitable for sports city in Beirut and some municipal stadiums.

Whereas, the Lebanese side raised the possibility of supplying Lebanon with various buses.

Furthermore, it was confirmed through sources that Mikati discussed the matter with Qatar Foreign Minister Mohammad Bin Abdul Rahman Bin Jasem Al Thani, who handles the external investment fund for Qatar, adding to political relation with some countries, including Lebanon.

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