Friday, May 31, 2024

Quantica’s Advanced Data Analytics to Power Yango’s Personalized Services in Collaboration with Jazz

International tech company Yango began its operations in Pakistan recently and has spread its operations in major cities of Pakistan. Now, Yango is set to form a strategic partnership with Jazz, facilitated by Quantica’s advanced data analytics capabilities that is set to redefine customer engagement strategies in Pakistan. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of transportation services in the region, promising tailored experiences for Pakistani consumers.

At the heart of this collaboration lies Quantica’s sophisticated data analytics technology, which will enable Yango to fine-tune its services and marketing initiatives to align with the specific needs of Pakistani consumers. By harnessing Jazz’s extensive network and data expertise, Yango aims to deliver enhanced value and convenience to users throughout Pakistan.

Miral Sharif, Country Manager of Yango Pakistan, expressed profound enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the potential to elevate customer engagement strategies in the region. With Quantica’s unparalleled data analytics capabilities, Yango is poised to deliver personalized services that resonate with the diverse preferences of Pakistani consumers, thereby fostering long-term customer satisfaction.

Similarly, Syed Khurram Riaz, Head of B2B Marketing & Products at Jazz, reiterated the commitment to leveraging data-driven insights to enhance customer experiences. Through this partnership with Yango, Jazz aims to harness Quantica’s expertise to better understand and engage with Pakistani consumers, driving mutual growth and success for both entities.

This collaboration between Yango, Jazz, and Quantica signifies a shared dedication to innovation and customer-centricity. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analytics prowess, the partnership aims to set new standards for customer engagement and satisfaction in the travel and transportation industry, ushering in a new era of personalized services for users across Pakistan.

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