Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Quetta Grants Permission of High-Rise Buildings for First Time After 1935 Earthquake

Quetta introduced amendments in 1937 Building Code Act, allowing construction of towering buildings, a major modification made in 88 years since the devastating earthquake in 1935 that jolted the city causing huge destruction of life and property.

Strict regulations have been improvised to prevent any catastrophic events in the future. In addition, severe consequences will be faced for violating the Building Code Act, emphasized by the Quetta Metropolitan Corporation (QMC). Ensuring all the safety regulations, tall buildings can now be constructed in the beautiful Quetta.

According to the act, several factors including underground drains, soil testing, overall structural length, ground clearance, structural integrity, materials selected, foundation strength, and others will be rigidly examined before granting permission. Buildings must be designed to resist seismic activities and other dangers.

The initiative is appreciable and must be implemented in all the construction projects throughout the country.

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