Thursday, November 30, 2023

Quran Board Bans Printing of Quranic Verses on Sheets Laid on Graves

The Punjab Quran Board in Pakistan has decided to ban the printing of Quranic verses on sheets that are placed on shrines and graves. This decision aims to prevent the desecration of Quranic verses, as the sheets tend to wear out over time and are either thrown away or end up being stepped on.

The board made this decision during its 51st meeting, chaired by Qari Hanif Jallundhari, taking into account the recommendations of the Council of Islamic Ideology and the religious opinions of scholars from all four schools of thought.

The Quran Publishers Association (QPA) and its president, Qudratullah, along with other office-bearers, have expressed support for this decision. They have called on the government to enforce the ban by issuing directives to the relevant authorities.

During a meeting, QPA representatives highlighted that each year, thousands of thin cloth sheets with printed Quranic verses are placed on graves. However, due to weather conditions and the lack of proper disposal arrangements, these sheets often get blown away by wind, soaked in rain, and trampled upon by humans and animals. They emphasized that such actions lead to disrespect for the Quranic verses, and these sheets are also misused by drug addicts.

Scholars have long been advocating for this ban, and several decrees and recommendations, including those from the Council of Islamic Ideology, have supported the prohibition of printing Quranic verses on sheets placed on graves.

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