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Qurbani for Everyone: Here’s the List of Trusts Offering Cheapest Cow Qurbani Share in Pakistan

Celebrate this Eid Al-Adha with these trusts offering cheap rates of Cow shares and goats. Majority of Pakistani population belongs to low-income and middle-class, however, these foundations give you a chance to buy shares in affordable rates.

Al-Khidmat Foundation

Al-Khidmat is known for its charities and donations to many people in distress. This year, you can buy cow share with Al-Khidmat at Rs. 18,000 for Karachi nationals. International Muslims can book their share at Rs. 19,000.

The foundation is charging Rs. 35,000 a goat/sheep for Pakistani nationals and Rs. 45,000 per goat/sheep for international citizens.

Al-Khidmat will be distributing the meat among many needy people as well as those who were affected by drastic floods, home-less Palestinians, and those in Shaam.

Edhi Welfare Organization

Edhi has also released their Qurbani schedule for 2023. You can donate a share in cow for Rs. 13,000, a goat or sheep for Rs. 20,000, and a whole cow for Rs. 91,000.

The international citizens in UK, USA, and UAE can donate as per the following rates.

International CitizensCow ShareGoat / SheepCow

Chhipa Ijtamai Qurbani

Chhipa will be distributing the qurbani meat to 10 million deserving families. Book your goat / sheep or donate a share in cow at affordable rates.

Chhipa has released a detailed Ijtamai Qurbani 2023 plan, mentioned below.

Cow Shares (Rate/Share)Rs. 10,000Rs. 15,000Rs. 20,000Rs. 25,000
GoatRs. 15,000Rs. 30,000Rs. 50,000Rs. 60,000

JDC Welfare

JDC offers a comprehensive Qurbani 2023 plan ensuring that meat is distributed to as many needy people as possible. In addition, they respect the Sunni and Shia sects as well to accommodate everyone.

You can buy a share in the cow for Rs. 15,000 with JDC or buy a whole cow for Rs. 105,000. You can also get a goat in Rs. 29,000 only.

Moreover, JDC also provides the option of camel share at Rs. 25,000.

Saylani Welfare Trust

Saylani Welfare Trust, another charity organization known internationally has also released their Qurbani 2023 schedule. Be a part of Saylani Qurbani 2023 by donating a cow share for Rs. 16,000. The cost for a goat is Rs. 25,000.

The international citizens can donate as per the following rates.

Cow ShareGoat
53 euro83 euro
46 GBP71 GBP
211 AED329 AED
212 Riyal331 Riyal
$77 (CAD)$121 (CAD)
1143 Lira1786 Lira

Sarim Burney Trust

Sarim Burney Trust ensures a sophisticated Qurbani procedure maintaining all religious prerequisites and following hygiene guidelines. Their Qurbani 2023 schedule includes:

  • A cow share at Rs. 25,000.
  • A Goat at Rs. 45,000.
  • A full cow for Rs. 175,000.
  • A sheep for Rs. 40,000.
  • A camel share can be bought for Rs. 42,900.
  • A whole camel for Rs. 300,000.

Celebrate your Eid with others by being a part of these Welfare organizations.

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