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Rado Watch Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Rado Watches for Men and Women

Founded in Switzerland, Rado is World prestigious for its classic collection of watches for men and women.  Starting from the luxurious collection of ‘Golden horse’ and ‘Green horse’ to the new era of ‘Diastar’, Rado has put together the best watches jeweled in diamonds, sapphire, and gold, guaranteeing permanence and comfort. The Rado watch price in Pakistan is a little more than you thought.

Best Rado Watches for Men And Women

A perfect pick for your wrist, Rado has manufactured the best watches possessing multiple advanced features with comfort and the finest designs. Rado watch price varies, but they are budget-friendly at the same time. Some of the best products and Rado new model watches are mentioned below.

  • Rado Florence Watch R48868163
  • Original Automatic Diastar R12413313
  • Centrix Diamonds R30927713
  • Rado Florence Diamonds R48889743
  • Captain Cook Automatic R32505153
  • Hyperchrome Classic Automatic R33101314
  • True Square Automatic Diamonds R27078722
  • Rado Ceramic Automatic R21807182

Hyperchrome Classic Automatic-R33101314

The statement series of ‘Golden Horse’ Hyperchrome Rado watches are unique owing to their distinctive features and design. This amazing timepiece is an automatic and high-tech plasma ceramic watch. Hyperchrome classic is light weighed unisex watch and perfect fit for both men and women.


  • Green-colored round dial. Other colors are also available.
  • The dial displays the date.
  • Material is stainless steel and high-tech ceramic.
  • Sapphire crystal has anti-reflective properties.
  • Water-resistance unique feature.
  • A transparent sapphire case is also installed at the back.
  • Titanium and stainless-steel bracelet.
  • Weight of 158 gm.
  • Easy clips installed.
  • The thickness of 10.44 mm.
  • Power Reserve of 80 hours.
Hyperchrome Classic Automatic  price in Pakistan

Centrix Diamonds-R30927713

The perfect symphony of simplicity and ornate diamonds, this Rado black watch named ‘Centrix Diamonds’ sparkles in its engraved gems. The hallmark of getting customized engravings done makes the watch nonpareil. The watch comes in a variety of colors and sizes for your choice. You can wear it in all events, from everyday routine to events.


  • Black-colored gleaming dial. Also available in other colors.
  • 4 diamonds engraved (0.011 carrots).
  • Sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant.
  • 125 gm weight makes it easy to wear and carry.
  • Water-resistance features installed.
  • The round-shaped dial displays the date as well.
  • The watch can be worn by both men and women.
  • Silver stainless steel Titanium bracelet.
  • The case material is stainless steel.
  • Quartz movement.
  • The thickness of the watch is 7.3 mm.
Redo Centrix Diamonds watch

Captain Cook Automatic-R32505153

This automatic Captain cook reveals the originality of the 1960s. It stands unmatched due to its advanced traits and vintage elegance. The watch comes in multiple colors, and also a variety of trendy bracelets are available. The original Rado watch gives a truly royal look to its wearer.


  • The round-shaped black dial displays the date as well.
  • It also has Sapphire crystal having anti-reflective properties.
  • Screwed down crown on the dial reflects its uniqueness.
  • It is the best among Rado watches for men.
  • Water resistance of up to 200 m is provided.
  • The case of the watch is fabricated from stainless steel and high-tech ceramic.
  • Stainless-steel bracelet.
  • Easy clips to change the bracelet installed.
  • The thickness of 12.1 mm.
  • Movement power reserve of 80 hours.
  • The weight of the watch is 137 grams.
Captain Cook Automatic Watch

Rado Florence Diamonds-R48889743

This Rado Jubilee watch with etched diamonds is the epitome of brilliant craftsmanship. The luxury Florence collection is named on the basis of exquisite domes and sky-reaching towers in the city. Finely crafted sapphire, quartz movement, and shining diamonds make it among the best Rado original watches for women.


  • Round shaped brown colored dial.
  • 12 diamonds engraved (0.034 carrots).
  • Finely edged Sapphire crystal.
  • Case material is stainless steel and PVD.
  • Water resistance of up to 30 m is provided.
  • The dial is displayed in the dial as well.
  • Bracelet is also brown in colour and constructed of stainless steel.
  • The thickness of 6.6 mm.
  • Weight 102 gm.
Rado Florence Diamonds Watch Price in Pakistan

Original Automatic Diastar-R12413313

This original Rado watch is the supreme Diastar collection. The golden Swiss automatic watch is regardless ‘Rado Legend’. The series of Diastar bears the originality of the collection launched in 1962. Its unique dial and features make it distinctive among all. The watch also displays day and date and is best among Rado watches for men.


  • Oval-shaped golden dial.
  • Sapphire crystal made being scratch resistant.
  • The case is constructed of stainless-steel CVD coated.
  • Date and day displaying features.
  • Gold-colored bracelet made up of stainless steel.
  • Water resistance of up to 30 m.
  • The thickness of 11.9 mm.
  • The watch weighs 131 grams.
  • Movement power reserves until approximately 80 hours.
Original Automatic Diastar Watch

Rado Watch Price in Pakistan

Original Rado WatchesRado Watch Price in Pakistan
Rado Florence Watch-R48868163Rs. 139,742
Original Automatic Diastar-R12413313Rs. 184,953
Centrix Diamonds-R30927713Rs. 193,173
Rado Florence Diamonds-R48889743Rs. 230,164
Captain Cook Automatic-R32505153Rs. 328,805
Hyperchrome Classic Automatic-R33101314Rs. 337,025
True Square Automatic Diamonds-R27078722Rs. 353,466
Rado Ceramic Automatic-R21807182Rs. 411,007


The article summed up luxurious Rado new model watches and Rado watch prices in Pakistan. Let it be a ceramic watch, an automatic watch, gems engraved Rado Jubilee watches, or designer watches; their vintage collection is outstanding for everyday wear or any event. The brilliance of artistry stands out in all Rado watches.

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