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Rawalpindi Railway Station – History, Train Timings and Much More 

The Victorian-period Rawalpindi Railway Station, a significant landmark in the twin cities of Pakistan, is not only wonderful example of Indo-Saracenic style architecture in the area but also a remnant of the ancient era.

The yellow sandstone walls and arched entryways of this railway station in Rawalpindi built more than a century ago in the traditional British style, provide a window into the past.

This old building in the bustling city’s Saddar neighborhood has a nostalgic feel thanks to the kerosene lamps that cover the walls, a grand antique clock by the platforms, and the bell that announces the arrival of trains.

Even though the structure has undergone minor alterations throughout the years, based on old photographs in the archives. But the outside of the building appears to be essentially unchanged.

The history, characteristics, location, contact information, and other specifics of Rawalpindi Railway Station will be the main topics of this article.

Let’s begin:

Rawalpindi Railway Station Location

pindi station | Umair Shaikh Shaikh | Flickr

In the middle of the city, next to the old Raja Bazar, located this old station.

The address of the Rawalpindi Railway Station is Station Road in Saddar.

There are taxi stands, and bus stops immediately outside the facility, making it simple for customers to get to and from the station. Additionally, the building is not far from the closest Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro Bus station.

Train Timings and Details

In 1881, Rawalpindi Railway Station was built in Punjab, Pakistan. It has 5 Platforms.

Pakistan’s Rawalpindi is home to the Rawalpindi Railway Station. 43 trains run from Rawalpindi station to various locations around the nation.

The 102dn Subak Raftar, 103up Subak Kharam, 104dn Subak Kharam, 105up Rawal Express, 106dn Rawal Express, 107up Islamabad Express, 108dn Islamabad Express, 11up Hazara Express, and 127up Mehr Express are some of the well-known trains that operate from the station.

Up Train Timings

Train NameArrivalDeparture
101UP Subak Raftar12:00:00———————————–
103UP Subak Kharam21:35:00————————————
105UP Rawal Express04:50:00———————-
107UP Islamabad Express22:30:00———————-
11UP Hazara Express11:40:0012:10:00
133UP Kohat Express———————-15:30:00
13UP Awam Express12:30:0012:55:00
1UP Khyber Mail01:20:0001:50:00

Down Train Timings

Train NameArrivalDeparture
102DN Subak Raftar———————–07:00:00
104DN Subak Kharam———————-16:30:00
106DN Rawal Express———————-00:30:00
108DN Islamabad Express17:40:0018:00:00
14DN Awam Express11:50:0012:15:00
2DN Khyber Mail01:25:0001:50:00
40DN Jaffar Express10:15:0010:40:00

Rawalpindi station Ticket Booking

Pindi's railway station — stark reminder of bygone era - Newspaper -  DAWN.COM

Rawalpindi Railway Station has a responsive online and offline ticket reservation system. You can book the tickets from the station and their online portal i.e

They also have an android app you can use that too for ticket booking. Here is the Pak railway booking application

Rawalpindi Station History

One of the oldest train stations in the nation is the Rawalpindi Railway Station, which is also an A-class station.

On September 4, 1928, Rawalpindi Station was completed after two years of construction. Ram Kishan Lal, the first station master, was assigned in 1942. The station features five 1,800-foot-long by 150-foot-wide platforms.

Every day, about 15,000 people depart from these platforms with the assistance of about 150 station porters or coolies.

Tez Gam was the oldest train still making money out of Rawalpindi’s railway station.

The station has 11 rail lines, of which five are for passengers and seven are for freight. Ganji Pur was the station’s last name. In 1942, the first local Hindu was appointed to the position of train examiner. For the dockside, there is a separate line and a small stop.

Facilities Offered at Rawalpindi Railway Station

ExplorePakistan on Twitter: "📍Rawalpindi Railway Station, 1879 Rawalpindi  station was opened in 1881, during construction of the Punjab Northern  State Railway which began in 1870. The route was first surveyed in 1857,

The freight section, passenger rooms, and main offices make up the three sections of the Rawalpindi Railway Station’s main building. The police station and the Railways Club building are next to the main structure.

The structure has three different gates for regular passengers, cargo, and VVIP visitors.

Among Rawalpindi Railway Station’s most notable characteristics are the big clock and the steam engine located in front of the main structure.

Five platforms make up the station, and steel and wood pedestrian bridges connect them. Small tea shops, snack bars, and bookstalls are scattered throughout the main building in the meantime.

Other amenities at Rawalpindi Railway Station include waiting places, restrooms, water coolers, and restrooms that visitors heading to the north can rent for a day.

Rawalpindi Railway Station Contact Number

For booking, reservations, freight management, and queries related to luggage and refunds, you can call the following numbers to contact the train station.

Rawalpindi Railway Station Enquiry Number: 051-9270395 and 051-5542221

For more information, you can visit the Rawalpindi Railway Station booking office or get in touch with a representative from Pakistan Railways at 117.

Famous Places Close to Station

File:Rawalpindi Railway Station - 01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Some of the most popular locations and tourist attractions near Rawalpindi Railway Station include:

  • Riphah International University: 5-minute drive
  • Race Course Park: 6-minute drive
  • Pak Emirates Military Hospital (PEMH): 7-minute drive
  • CMH Rawalpindi: 9-minute drive
  • Liaquat Bagh: 10-minute drive
  • Raja Bazar: 10-minute drive
  • Army Stadium: 12-minute drive

Hotels Near Station

Here are some of the popular hotels near Rawalpindi Railway Stations that offer comfortable accommodation options to the travellers.

  • Pearl Continental Hotel Rawalpindi: 2.5 kilometres
  • Royalton Hotel: 2.8 kilometres
  • Hotel Akbar International: 3.0 kilometres
  • Hotel Shalimar Rawalpindi: 3.5 kilometres

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