Monday, July 22, 2024

#LargerThanLIVE: 1st Ever 11.11 Beauty LIVE Sales Gameshow by L’Oréal and Bagallary on Billboard

How does an idea of “seeing yourself on a billboard LIVE” sound? Well, L’Oréal just did that in partnership with Bagallery.

Whether you are an ardent fan or beauty products are your guilty pleasure, L’Orèal’s LIVE Beauty Game Show has it all covered for you. It overflows with super fun and diverting beauty-centric games. And that’s not it, this is now happening on a billboard in Lahore. Anyone, we repeat anyone, can get in the billboard through that QR code.

The first-ever Beauty LIVE Game Show, gives away prizes in real time to every player! The users of this LIVE beauty session will have access to a ton of incredibly entertaining beauty-related games, contests, and entry into a lucky draw. There will be many different games played, including Spin the Beauty Wheel, Spell your Beauty, and Beauty Scavenger Hunt. This LIVE beauty gameshow is open to everyone and will cover all your beauty needs by awarding fantastic L’Oréal prizes and gift baskets to all the winners.

The leading Beauty E-player, Bagallery, is collaborating on this First-Ever Beauty LIVE Game Show. Bagallery is a reliable e-commerce partner for L’Oréal, offering a wide range of highly sought-after L’Oréal products, including but not limited to the Garnier Vitamin C line, Maybelline Sky High Mascara, and the L’Oréal Paris Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Bagallery has one of the largest e-commerce networks for beauty in the area.

An electronic billboard will broadcast this virtual beauty game show LIVE in Lahore. This is Pakistan’s first of its type billboard innovation, featuring a LIVE session with activities focused on beauty, audience participation, gift distribution, and real-time sales results!

And of course, influencers are already creating hype about it and going all crazy for it.

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