Sunday, April 14, 2024

Realme apparently teams up with Kodak for its next camera-centric flagship

As we all know about Realme and Oppo partnership, they did a wonderful job at holding over Huawei’s smartphone market share following the Chinese gigantic has been prohibited from using Android & Google’s services on its mobile devices. It was that, or these two companies have unexpectedly started to manufacture modest products that many people are now taking into consideration.

In this respect, the Realme has a pleasant surprise for its users. The Chinese firm is apparently working together with Kodak for its future camera-oriented flagship smartphone, the Realme GT Master Edition.

Multiple analysts allege Realme has queried Kodak to offer its technical knowledge as a camera manufacturer & help design the flagship’s camera installation program. The photography company took on that offer, & the partnership is expected to be revealed soon.

Now, we do not want to make up any hypotheses yet because it is impossible to tell whether this is just an advertising push or Realme is to be determined to press ahead with its game. One thing is for sure though, this will make quite a lot of front pages in the next few months.

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