Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Reckless Dubai Driver Arrested, Fined Dh50,000 for Tailgating, Dangerous Overtaking

A driver has been arrested and fined Dh50,000 by Dubai Police for dangerously tailgating and overtaking another vehicle. The police shared a video showing how recklessly the driver was behaving on Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road. In the video, the driver swerved dangerously close to the other vehicle while overtaking it from the right. After passing, the driver braked suddenly multiple times, which could have caused a serious accident.

Maj-Gen Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, the director of the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police, mentioned that traffic patrol officers observed the driver’s dangerous actions and chose the right moment to safely stop the driver. The officer criticized this behavior, which goes against road safety rules and endangers other road users. The driver’s vehicle was seized, and he received 23 black points on his driving license.

The police enforced a recent law in Dubai that imposes higher fines for reckless driving. The law categorizes reckless driving as a serious traffic offense, resulting in a Dh50,000 fine. This offense includes driving in a manner that endangers lives or property. The same fine applies for running a red light, while racing on the roads incurs a steeper penalty of Dh100,000.

Maj-Gen Al Mazroui emphasized that everyone must follow the law, and the police in the UAE have a strict stance against tailgating and reckless driving. Sudden lane changes and tailgating were major factors in accidents last year, according to the Ministry of Interior’s statistics.

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