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Regal Automobiles to Launch Automatic Prince Pearl soon.

The Prince Pearl will be available in an automatic variant in Pakistan next month, making it the only 800cc car with an automatic transmission. The matter has been noted by the company’s Islamabad dealership. The pricing for the Prince Pearl Automatic Variant, on the other hand, has yet to be verified by the manufacturer and will most likely be revealed on launch day.

The Prince Pearl Automatic Variant will be released next month.

The Prince Pearl Automatic Variant will compete with the Suzuki Alto AGS, but at a far lower cost. This will be a welcome addition to the local automobile market, as autonomous vehicles in this category have been scarce.

The automatic version of the Prince Pearl will have the same 796cc engine as the manual version, but it will be mated to a 3-speed automatic transmission. The three-cylinder engine generates 40 horsepower and 60 Newton metres (Nm) of torque.


The manufacturer has yet to reveal the details of the Prince Pearl Automatic Variant, but it’s safe to presume that it’ll have all of the manual variant’s current features while adding none new.

The manual edition of the vehicle is believed to have power windows, DRLs, a 9-inch LCD touchscreen, a rearview camera, alloy wheels, and other goodies.

The company may elect to make the driver’s side airbag, which is now an optional feature in the manual version, standard in the automatic version.

Price of Prince Pearl Automatic in Pakistan

The automatic variant of the Prince Pearl is likely to cost Rs. 15 million in Pakistan, which is realistic given the manual variant’s pricing of Rs. 13.3 million. As a result, the automatic version of the vehicle is significantly less expensive than the Suzuki Alto AGS, which costs Rs. 17.47 million.

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