Saturday, July 20, 2024

Remember Inspector Vivek from CID? He’s a University Professor Now

The popular TV show “CID” had a memorable cast of characters that captivated audiences with its intriguing cases and the camaraderie among the team members. One of these characters was Inspector Vivek, who appeared in many episodes. Recently, a tweet went viral, revealing that the actor who played Inspector Vivek, Vivek Mashru, is now a college professor in Bengaluru.

A user shared a photo of Mashru on Twitter along with the caption, “If you know him, your childhood was awesome.” The tweet gained significant attention, garnering 3.8 million views. Another user retweeted the photo, confirming that Mashru is indeed a professor at their brother’s college. This surprising revelation caught the attention of many fans.

In simple terms, the actor who played Inspector Vivek on “CID” has now become a professor at a college in Bengaluru. This unexpected news delighted fans who fondly remember the character from their childhood days spent watching the show.

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