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RemoteBase HireFest to disrupt Pakistan’s recruitment process

Pakistani tech startup RemoteBase which recently raised $1.4 million from Silicon Valley investors is redefining the recruitment process in Pakistan through its latest virtual event, RemoteBase HireFest which will take place on 26th June.

Usually, employers take a few weeks to finalise new hires in their company but this Pakistani startup has shortened the time to 4 hours with no need for candidates to physically go to their offices!

As a fully remote company, RemoteBase offers all of its employees to work from home so that they can fully focus on their career rather than wasting time and money on transport. RemoteBase also provides complete flexibility for employees to choose the timing of their work providing them a greater work-life balance.

Commenting on the development, US Billionaire and one of RemoteBase’s investors, Tim Draper said: “I’m amazed with what RemoteBase has achieved in such a short time and how innovative they have been with their growth strategy.”

Tim added: ”I wish Qasim and Talha the best for the Hirefest. They have been successfully adding top talent to the company over the last few months and the Hirefest will just add fuel to the fire.”

In an exclusive conversation with (news outlet),the founder of RemoteBase, Qasim Asad Salam said: “Enabling our employees to work remotely has greatly benefitted our company. Some female employees found it hard to physically come to the office every day. There is also immense talent in the rural areas of Pakistan which didn’t have access to tech companies but with remote working, we’re getting close to eradicating this problem.”

According to Qasim, such hiring events have seldom been held in the history of Pakistan which offered a job on the same day, that too without any physical interview.

RemoteBase aims to hire over 200 engineers in the next 12 months and in its first HireFest, it aims to tap into the top Pakistani talent and enable them to work for some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Pakistan’s top software developers are expected to compete in RemoteBase HireFest which also offers cash bonuses of up to 50,000 rupees for the top candidates.

Speaking from San Francisco, Qasim further added that RemoteBase offers a chance for its employees to directly work with and get exposure to some of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley, where the top leadership of RemoteBase is now based.

“Many of our employees are currently doing projects with some of the biggest companies in the world, including some of the most innovative Silicon Valley startups. The experience and training they get whilst working with those companies is invaluable and inevitably improves the skill set of Pakistan’s top talent,” Talha Masood, the Chief Technology Officer of RemoteBase said.

Talha said that RemoteBase HireFest represents the inclusive and remote nature of the company which acts as an equal opportunity employer.

“We’ve hired few software developers from all across Pakistan and I can confidently say that the some of the talent in remote areas is at par with the big cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad,” Qasim said in an exclusive conversation with startup pakistan

Wajahat Zia, who works for RemoteBase remotely from Multan said: “Working remotely has provided me the luxury of giving more time to my family, growing at my own pace and putting in more effort to my work”

Over a thousand candidates are expected to participate in RemoteBase HireFest, a first of its kind virtual hiring event.

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