Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Road to Famous Lake Saif-ul-Muluk Opened For Tourists

The Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) has managed to reopen the road to Saif-ul-Muluk Lake earlier than expected. This allows tourists to once again visit the beautiful snow-covered landscapes of the area.

Under the direction of CM Ali Amin Gandapur and tourism advisor Zahid Chan, the initiative involved using heavy machinery to clear away glaciers and mudslides that were blocking the road. This was necessary because these natural obstacles had made it difficult for people to reach the lake.

Saif-ul-Muluk Lake is located within the Saiful Muluk National Park and sits high up at an elevation of 3,224 meters above sea level. It is famous for its stunning views of mountains covered in snow.

Now that the road has been reopened, the KDA expects more tourists to visit the lake. This increase in visitors will help promote tourism in the region, benefiting the local economy and allowing more people to experience the natural beauty of Saif-ul-Muluk Lake and its surroundings.

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