Sunday, July 21, 2024

Robbers looted 25 suits from Tailors given by Customers for Stitching

According to ARY News, dacoits broke into a tailor shop in Gujranwala and stole 25 outfits and other valuables in an unusual theft. According to information, a robbery occurred at a tailor’s store in Rahwali, Gujranwala.

During the Eidul Fitr season, the thieves entered the tailor’s business as a customer and held him and his students hostage, while they were stitching to finish orders.

The criminals stole twenty-five outfits delivered to the tailor by various customers for tailoring. After torturing the employees, they also stole their cell phones before fleeing the area. The shopkeeper has urged the authorities to act quickly and bring him justice.

The robbers entered the tailor’s shop as a customer and looted him and his students engaged in sewing to complete orders during the Eid ul Fitr season by taking them hostage at gunpoint۔ The robbers took away 25 suits that were given to the tailor for sewing by different customers and a mobile phone.

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