Thursday, December 7, 2023

Rohit Sharma Names Babar Azam Among Batters with Best Cover Drive

The cover drive is a special and beloved cricketing shot that continues to charm fans even in today’s modern cricket. Contemporary cricket stars like Babar Azam and Virat Kohli are famous for their mastery of this shot, leading to debates about who does it best.

Recently, Indian captain Rohit Sharma shared his opinion when asked about the best cover drive in the world. He mentioned three names: Kohli, Babar, and England’s Joe Root. Rohit said, “Kohli, Babar, Joe Root. But I think Kohli has the best technique for the cover drive.”

However, former England cricketer and commentator Nasser Hussain had a different viewpoint last year. He suggested that young cricketers looking to perfect the cover drive should study Babar Azam’s technique. Nasser said, “Sorry Indian fans, I’m gonna be biased and go with Babar Azam. I nearly went with Kohli, but he is slightly different. He has the fast flick of the wrist, but Babar has the conventional way of playing it.”

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