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Rolex Watches Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Rolex Watches for Men and Women

2021 marked the 50th anniversary of Rolex company. It is expected that Rolex would release some iconic watches after celebrating its golden jubilee in 2023. This article covers the new Rolex 2023 predictions and sums up the classic pieces of 2021 manufactured by Rolex SA company, putting together top of the range watches since 1908.

Dealing with the main lines of Oyster Perpetual, Cellini, and Professional, Rolex provides the finest watches to invest in. Discover the luxurious Rolex watches for men and women, along with their prices in Pakistan.

Best Rolex Watches for Men

Two-tone Submariner green-2023

It is expected that Rolex would update its submariner iconic watch by manufacturing a two-tone green submariner. The two-tone watches are unique of Rolex and this green bezel submariner is expected to turn the tables by its new classy look.

The previous submariners were combination of black or blue bezel.

Oyster perpetual explorer II- 226570 (2021)

The truly aesthetic explorer 2021 model with PVD black coating provides a perfect harmony of Rolex features. the black liquor hands of hours, minutes, and seconds give a perfect matte finish. The orange hue of 24 hours hand reflects the characteristic feature of explorer watches.


  • The white dial and black hands of the watch distinguishes day and night.
  • Three pieces flat links of bracelet.
  • The model case is 42mm in diameter made of oyster-steel.
  • Its scratch-resistant shining crystal is fabricated from Sapphire.
  • Two-way self-winding through the everlasting rotor.
  • The pre-eminent feature is that watch is water-proof up to approximately 100 meters.

Oyster perpetual explorer II- 226570

Rolex Sky-Dweller-326934 (2021)

The Rolex Sky-Dweller 2021 is a perfect blend of Black dial and white gold. The watch shows time in 2 different zones with its inverted small red triangle. Its chroma-light display illuminating in the dark is the Rolex’s striking attribute that holds value.


  • This men’s gold Rolex is designed in white gold and five pieces oyster-steel bracelet.
  • The white rolesor is the combination of white gold and oyster-steel.
  • The case of the model is a monobloc 42mm in diameter.
  • The ridged rotatable bezel rotates in both directions.
  • The crystal is a scratch-proof sapphire stone with its cyclops lens magnifying the date.
  • Sky-Dweller is also water-proof and involves self-winding in both directions.

Sky dweller 2023

The sky dweller 2023 model is predicted to have new versions of dials and bracelets. The previous versions of 2021 are beautified with two-tone oyster bracelets. The updated structure of sky dweller Rolex watch will inevitably have some new color combinations, bracelet, and dials options.

It is also predicted that the sky dweller 326934 model 2021 will be updated and equipped with jubilee bracelet in 2023.

Rolex GMT Master 2023

The Rolex GMT master II previous model is an expensive and unique watch of Rolex. It is predicted that Rolex will come with another GMT master model labelled with ‘coke’ maybe or any other tag. It is expected that there is going to be a long waiting list of buyers for this new version of GMT master.

Rolex Oyster perpetual explorer-124273 (2021)

Oyster perpetual explorer released in an updated model 2021 with chroma-light display and case size reduced to 36 mm in the remembrance of the original oyster explorer model manufactured in 1953. The 2021 model is the great combination of gold and oyster steel.

It bears black dial, index hours markers, and 3, 6, 9 numerals made with specific material which shine in day light. This great combination is iconic of Rolex watches.


  • The watch provides Perpetual, self-winding, and mechanical movements.
  • The 36mm model case is made up of oyster steel and gold.
  • The smooth bezel shines in its classic grace.
  • The sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant.
  • The bracelet constructed of oyster steel consists of 3 flat pieces.
  • Folding oyster lock clasp for safety.
  • The symbolic hallmark of being water-proof (100 meters) is found in this Rolex product too.

Rolex Oyster perpetual explorer-124273

Best Rolex Watches for Women

Rolex cosmograph Daytona 2023

The 2023 model of Daytona in predicted to be game changing model. The everose Rolesor is expected to be a new addition to Rolex watches. The combination of gold and Rolex unique oyster steel will provide a new look of Daytona watches as their previous versions were all gold or leather straps.

Lady date-just 2023 1895271

Rolex lady date-just has been one of the most expensive and royal watch for women. Their classic gleaming structure embezzled with diamonds make it unique in its own. However, it is expected that Rolex in celebration of golden jubilee would release an updated model of lady date-just.

The predictions are that Rolex would provide a new look by changing the bezel color which is the symbolic of Rolex updates models. The two-tone ladies date-just gemstone watch would definitely generate competition.

Lady-Datejust-2021 Model-279138RBR

The diamonds incarnated at their finest makes Lady-Datejust significant dial known as ‘Mother of Pearl’. The model is the best women’s Rolex for investment. The graceful alignment, the harmony of gold and diamonds, and the glistening finishing make Lady-Datejust the best Rolex watch for women. This classic model has brilliantly carried the succession of Datejust.


  • Paved diamonds in the yellow gold (18 ct) beautifies the dial.
  • The diameter of the model case is 28mm.
  • Bezel enriched with 44 finely carved diamonds.
  • The ultimate gold president bracelet shows perfect symmetry.
  • Waterproof system protecting the watch till 100 meters.
  • The sapphire crystal is made scratch resistant.
  • Cyclops lens installed to enlarge the date.

Lady-Datejust-2021 price in Pakistan

Day-Date 36-2021 model-128345RBR

Day-Date 36, allured in Diamonds and Everose gold, is the exemplary Rolex watch keeping up with the lineage of Day-Date. The Rolex skeleton features the incredible Eisenkiesel dial and aperture, unveiling the full spellings of the day.


  • The iconic dial is constructed of Everose gold (18 ct) and diamonds embellished in the model case.
  • The oyster model case is 36 mm in diameter.
  • The president bracelet consists of 3-piece Evergold links.
  • Scratch-proof Sapphire and cyclops lens are also installed.
  • The watch is waterproof up to 330 meters.
  • Its shock absorbers increase the efficiency of its performance.

Day-Date 36-2021 price

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona-116505 (2021)

The Cosmograph Daytona watch jeweled in rose gold is a symbolic Rolex piece. The engraved tachymeter 18 ct gold and the oyster rose gold are the interesting facts of watch providing high-performance and beautiful chemistry of function and form.

  • The case size of 40mm made from rose gold and oyster steel.
  • 18 ct rose gold tachymeter bezel.
  • 4130 calibers.
  • 330 feet water resistance.
  • Scratch resistant sapphire crystal.
  • Three pieces oyster links present in bracelet.
  • Bi-directional self-winding.
  • Power reserve of 72 hours.

Rolex Watches Price in Pakistan

Rolex Watches Price in Pakistan
Two-tone Submariner Green-2023 3,663,000 PKR
Sky dweller 2023 4,503,000 PKR
Rolex GMT Master 2023 4,307,000 PKR
Rolex cosmograph Daytona 2023 4,752,000 PKR
Lady date-just 2023 1895271 1,895,271 PKR
Oyster perpetual explorer II- 226570 1,511,000 PKR
Rolex Sky-Dweller-326934 4,506, 000 PKR
Rolex Oyster perpetual explorer-124273 2,455,000 PKR
Lady-Datejust-279174 1,226,000 PKR
Lady-Datejust-2021 Model-279138RBR 6,207,000 PKR
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona-116505 12,616,000 PKR


The article sums up the supreme Rolex automatic watches for men and women 2021 models and 2023 along with their detailed Rolex skeleton and distinctive features. The article will help you buy the best Rolex watches in the world that hold value. The exceptional manufacturing and delicate designing by Rolex have produced some of the ideal products. Track down your Favorite watch along with Rolex prices in Pakistan 2023.

Get prepared for some of the best and unique Rolex watches to come in 2023 with embolic Rolex features signifying and celebrating the great golden jubilee of Rolex Swiss watch manufacturing company.

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