Thursday, May 26, 2022

Roomy making Pakistan’s domestic travel chic!

An Instagram post of the famous fairy-laden Saif-ul-Mulook lake, a SnapChat of eating the walnut cake in Karimabad or a YouTube video of a drone shot of Passu Cones! We have all seen these magical sights posted on social media these last few months, the way it has never been done before. The tech-savvy, budget conscious, young Pakistani middle-class has discovered the domestic tourism scene.

This is a first in our nation’s history. Any Pakistani traveler with expendable income has always aspired to travel to Dubai or Maldives or Europe. Something changed this trend a couple years ago, and domestic travel is now winning this battle in a big way. Of course, the improvement in local road networks and COVID played a big part in this change – but there is more to it than just that.

ROOMY is one of the emerging new brands in the hospitality sector in Pakistan that is shifting these perceptions. ROOMY has taken the ‘boring hotel industry’ by a storm, and offered something to this domestic client that wasn’t expected – it has made traveling around Pakistan ‘in vogue’. The ROOMY regulars call it their ‘second home in the north’, call out phrases like ‘Winter is coming, go to ROOMY’ and enjoy ‘ROOMY HOPPING’ (traveling from one ROOMY property to another to collect experiences). The brand has connected with the domestic traveler in a way that hasn’t been done before, and our tourism sector is all the better for it.

Well, we’re excited about tourism in Pakistan over the coming decade and it seems like accommodation is already sorted! To learn more about ROOMY, visit their website:

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