Sunday, May 28, 2023

“Roti Should be Rs. 35 & Naan Rs. 40”, Association Announces Protest if not Implemented

On January 12, Muttahida Non Roti Association announced a protest for increase in rates.

All around the Punjab, Tandoor owners would protest outside the Chief Secretary’s office. As per reports, Aftab Gul President of Muttahida Non Roti Association headed a meeting in which he demanded for a hike in rates of Naan and Roti due to increasing prices of fine and flour was discussed.

President Aftab Gul said, “the price of flour is increasing day by day, in this situation they cannot sell bread at Rs. 15 and nan at Rs 20. In current conditions Roti Should be Rs. 35 & Naan Rs. 40”.

He further stated that of naan need to be sold cheap then the flour should be provided on cheap rates.

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