Monday, July 22, 2024

Rs. 20 Billion for Health, Rs. 30 Billion on Education & Rs. 1804 Billion for Defense, 2023-2024 Budget

The finance minister revealed that the allocation for national defense in the current fiscal year has been set at 18.4 trillion rupees, showing an increase compared to the previous year’s defense budget of 15.23 trillion rupees.

This demonstrates the government’s commitment to strengthening the country’s defense capabilities. Additionally, the budget includes a substantial allocation of 30 billion rupees for education and higher education, emphasizing the importance of investing in the future generations.

Furthermore, the health sector has been allotted 20 billion rupees, aiming to improve healthcare facilities and services for the well-being of the population. These allocations reflect the government’s priorities in promoting defense, education, and healthcare in the nation.

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