Sunday, October 1, 2023

Rs. 8 Billion Revenue Generated by Karachi Cattle Market During Eid-ul-Adha

The organizers of the cattle market held on the Karachi Northern Bypass have announced that they generated business worth Rs8 billion during this year’s Eid ul Adha season. The market, which was relocated from Sohrab Goth to the Northern Bypass in the District West under the Malir Cantonment Board, experienced a remarkable turnout. According to Yawar Chawla, the market’s spokesperson, nearly all visitors were able to find the animals they were looking for, resulting in the market being almost empty by the eve of Eid ul Adha. The market achieved unprecedented success in its new location, with approximately 700,000 sacrificial animals brought to the market, out of which 600,000 were sold by Wednesday. This sales figure set a new record. Animals were sold at various price points, ranging from over Rs10 million to as low as Rs50,000.

Chawla emphasized that the market’s success had a significant impact on various businesses, including animal sellers, animal fodder sellers, tea kiosk owners, water suppliers, and others. The market served as a catalyst for economic activity, benefiting multiple sectors. Chawla expressed gratitude for the support received from political, religious, and social leaders, as well as celebrities from television and the stage who visited the sacrificial animal market.

Furthermore, the Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) reported that a total of 6,360,000 animals were sacrificed during Eid ul Adha this year, representing a 28% to 30% decrease compared to previous years. The association expressed concerns regarding potential spoilage of around 35% of the animal skins collected due to heat and power outages. Nevertheless, the association estimated the total value of animals sacrificed during Eid to be approximately Rs376 billion.

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