Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Rs450b spent on Eid this year

According to the news, because of improved covid situation and ban on Hajj, this year about Rs450 billion worth of economic events had taken place on Eid-ul-Azha in the country.

The provided information showed that, while comparing to previous 2020 year, about 10percent more animals were sacrificed this year, which shows an increase in blood flow of wealth.

An estimate shows that over 4 million goats & sheep & 3 million cows were sacrificed this year.

There was an increase of 10% in sacrifices this year, because of Hajj ban as many were not being able to perform Hajj.

As of the 2nd day of Zilhaj, most mosques & seminaries throughout Karachi had shut down their reservations for collective sacrifice, while a couple neighborhood groups & welfare organizations were still taking reservations.

Additionally, some organizations had also launched the provision of online sacrifice against the background of Covid-19.

While the business of buries was calculated at Rs7.5 billion rather than Rs6.5 billion the previous year.

The demand for professional & seasonal butchers to slaughter sacrificial animals reached its height in Eid. Butchers earned more than Rs25 billion.

Moreover, a total of Rs10,000-15,000 was charged for slaughtering animals which weighed between 92 & 117 kilograms on the 1st day of the Eid. while Around Rs8,000 to Rs10,000 were charged on the 2nd & 3rd day of Eid.

Details showed that Rs20,000-25,000 were the rates this year to slaughter cows weighing over 185 kg’s on the 1st day of Eid, also Rs15,000 to Rs20,000 were the charges on the 2nd & 3rd days for same weight.

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