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RUDA’s Masterplan Brings Futuristic Urban Living to the Ravi River

The Ravi Urban Development Authority is embarking on a transformative project that aims to revolutionize the urban landscape along the Ravi River. This monumental project spans 46 kilometers and covers over 140,000 acres, marking a significant step forward in urban development and sustainable living. With an investment exceeding 5 trillion Pakistani rupees, this initiative is set to improve the lives of over 5 million residents by developing a series of interconnected and sustainable communities.


RUDA envisions a thriving urban oasis along Ravi, where sustainable development, cultural richness, & economic prosperity unite. Our vision is to cultivate a dynamic cityscape that embraces its heritage, providing a unique and fulfilling life experience for all.


RUDA is pioneering Community urban development around the River Ravi, spearheading economic growth while focusing on conservation and sustainability. RUDA is improving lives by helping people live life to the fullest by providing every opportunity while keeping the city’s culture and heritage alive.

Key Developments

  1. Chahar Bagh: Currently, 62% of this area is developed, with Phase I achieving a 50% completion rate.
  2. Chahar Bagh Phase I: This phase saw the successful sale of 135 acres initiated in November 2022, is expected by October 2024 with 50% progress.
  3. Sapphire Bay: The river training work in this area has been fully completed, marking a significant milestone in the project’s progress.
  4. Chahar Bagh Enclave: Development in this area has been successfully completed, adding to the growing infrastructure.
  5. Industrial Zone: Featuring a 1.8KM long road and a 1.6KM main sewage line and disposal station, this zone’s development began in February 2023 and is 97% complete as of February 2024.
  6. Alamgir Blocks 1 and 2: Alamgir Block 1 has become a focal point for investors, while Alamgir Block 2 is a mixed-use block with structures up to 200 feet in height.
  7. SOUQ District: Comprising 8 commercial plots, this district is poised to become a vibrant commercial hub.
  8. Topaz Block: Spanning 12,500 acres, this block will host residential, commercial, and mixed-use zones, set to accommodate 100,000 residents.

Investment and Infrastructure:

A revenue pipeline of PKR 400 billion has been created through local and foreign investment, demonstrating the project’s financial viability. The project also includes the planned construction of three barrages for lake formation, ensuring sustainable development and innovation. By creating new recreational opportunities along the Ravi River, RUDA is not only improving the quality of life for current residents but also attracting new residents and visitors to the area. This will have positive economic and social impacts on the entire region, creating a more vibrant and inclusive community. The authority has also invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure, including:

  • Road networks
  • Public transportation systems
  • Utility management systems
  • Green spaces and parks
  • Community facilities

Future Outlook:

RUDA’s plans include the construction of three barrages for lake formation, enhancing water management and recreational opportunities. This development aligns with RUDA’s strategy to innovate, sustain, and thrive, ensuring a future-ready environment for all residents and stakeholders. With its vision to enhance the quality of life for communities along the Ravi River, RUDA is poised to create a transformative urban landscape that sets a new standard for sustainable development in Pakistan.

The project’s focus on sustainability, innovation, and community development makes it a model for future urban development projects in Pakistan. RUDA’s commitment to creating a balance between urban growth and environmental preservation is a testament to its dedication to creating a better future for generations to come.

RUDA takes a multifaceted and comprehensive approach to ensuring sustainable development. This includes conducting environmental impact assessments, investing in infrastructure development, creating green spaces, managing water resources, obtaining LEED certification for buildings, and being an active member of the World Water Council. These actions demonstrate RUDA’s commitment to creating a sustainable and thriving urban environment.

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