Friday, May 31, 2024

Russia Now Allows Headscarves and Hijabs in Passport Photographs

Russia has announced a new rule that allows people applying for citizenship to wear headscarves and hijabs in their passport photos. This rule change will start on May 5 and aims to respect people’s religious beliefs while still keeping the country safe.

The new law says that if someone’s religion requires them to wear a head covering, they can have their photo taken with it on as long as it doesn’t cover their face too much. However, photos where the scarf covers too much of the chin will not be accepted.

This change applies to passport applications, driver’s licenses, work permits, and patents. The goal is to let people follow their religious customs while still making sure the country can identify everyone.

In the past, during the time when the Soviet Union existed, people couldn’t wear headscarves or hijabs in their passport photos. But after the Soviet Union ended in 1991, Muslim women started wearing them until it was banned in 1997. However, this ban was later found to be against the law by the Russian Supreme Court in 2003.

President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia is a diverse country with many different ethnic groups and religions. He believes in respecting everyone’s beliefs and has highlighted the importance of treating all citizens with respect.

This change in the law shows Russia’s commitment to religious freedom while still ensuring safety and security for everyone in the country.

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