Monday, October 2, 2023

S4 Digital CEO Inaugurates Brand New Development Center In Lahore

S4 Digital, a technology company based out of Europe inaugurated a brand new development center in Lahore. Badar Khushnood, Chairman P@SHA and Roger Kool, CEO S4 Digital cut the ribbon during the inauguration ceremony.

Many thanks to Amir Khan, Henrique Muacho, Anas Wahab, Javaid Arshad, Junaid Arshad, Filipe Marques, Madiha Shamim, Muhammad Bilal and Altaf Hussain

In addition to their delivery teams in Pune and Lisbon, they now look forward to expanding third Global Delivery Centre here.

Are you a superstar Software Developer, Data Scientist, Cybersecurity Specialist, DevOps Guru or a brilliant leader? send them your CV to [email protected] or apply through their website: Join Us – S4 Digital (

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