Monday, April 15, 2024

Salesflo won a Gold Award as Best in Retail & Distribution at the P@SHA ICT Awards 2022!

Salesflo is Pakistan’s first SaaS-based sales performance enhancement solution provider, aiming to revolutionize the retail landscape across the globe. It recently participated in the P@SHA ICT Awards 2022, securing a Gold Award after a rigorous selection process. For the past 18 years, P@SHA has been recognizing home-grown Pakistani innovation by providing companies with local and international exposure through promotional activities and awards.

In 7 years of operations, Salesflo has revolutionized the retail landscape with the latest cutting-edge technology. It has successfully automated the distribution value chain including order aggregation, inventory management, promotion engine, automated claims, AI-based order generation, image recognition tools, just to name a few. This has resulted in clients reporting improved productivity, higher revenues, increased coverage, and better data visibility and management.

With innovation at the forefront, Salesflo is a proud partner of Amazon Web Services with 50+ certified professionals. This setup base has allowed it to build the most secure, high-performing, and efficient retail & distribution infrastructure across various business units and touchpoints.

Salesflo currently boasts an international presence in 6 countries including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, North America, Myanmar and Ghana. The diverse industry experience has allowed Salesflo to grow exponentially and build a highly scalable product. Its dedicated customer success team ensures quality value creation for each client.

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