Monday, April 15, 2024

Samsung Exynos 2200 beats both Snapdragon 895 and A15 Bionic in GPU tests

According to the latest shown up benchmark score of Samsung Exynos 2200, GPU of its chip has a Wildlife test rating of 8134 on 3D Mark, that is even 40% more than Snapdragon 888 as the Snapdragon 888 GPU score on the same database is between 5800—6000. Meanwhile, experts also estimated that not only SD888, but this Exynos 2200 could also beat the Snapdragon 895 as well.

As per the sources, performance the Exynos 2200’CPU & GPU will be greater than the SD 895 SoC. Though, Apple’s A15 Bionic is still unassailable in accordance with the conditions of CPU performance. But Samsung’s Exynos 2200 still surpasses the A15 Bionic in GPU performance.

The data received from the recent leaks also contains some of the architectural details of the Snapdragon 895. The forthcoming chip from Qualcomm will use 4- cluster architecture. It will also use the Kryo 780 super core based on Cortex-X2, the Kryo 780 core based on Cortex-710, the Kryo 780 energy-efficient core based on Cortex-510 (High Frequency), along with the Kryo 780 energy performance small core based on Cortex-A510 (low frequency).

The initial test results on GeekBench 5 points out that in the conditions set out of single core tests the new chip marks about 10% higher than the SD 888. & In the multi-core score test, it is about 6% higher. SD 895’s AnTuTu score is about 20% higher than the SD 888 SoC.

Next to the Exynos 2200 not much is familiar about the chip though, it’s guessed that it will come with Samsung’s new video accelerator. We can presume that the chip will be fueling Samsung’s flagship, Galaxy S22 series.

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