Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Samsung’s Safety Truck Show the Road Ahead on the Back of the Truck, So that Car can Pass Safely

Samsung has made something called the “Safety Truck” to help with a big problem on single-lane roads. This special truck has a camera on the front that’s connected to four screens on the back. These screens show what’s in front of the truck, even when it’s dark. This helps drivers behind the truck see if it’s safe to pass.

The Safety Truck is meant to stop accidents where trucks suddenly stop or if something unexpected is on the road. Samsung has done tests, and now they’re working to get permission to use it with the help of safe driving groups and the government.

They want to use it first in Argentina, where there are lots of accidents when people try to pass on these kinds of roads. Samsung’s idea could make roads safer and better for everyone.

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