Saturday, July 20, 2024

Sanghar Camel to ‘Stand Up’ for First Time

A camel named Cammie, from Sanghar, had her leg brutally cut off by a landlord. Now, for the first time since the incident, she is set to stand again. Cammie was moved to CDRS Benji, an animal welfare NGO in Karachi, where she has made great progress with her treatment.

Bioniks Pakistan, a prosthetics company, created a special support structure with a harness to help Cammie stand. The NGO is very thankful to the Department of Livestock and Bioniks Pakistan for their help.

There are six people accused of the attack on Cammie, and they are currently in custody. Their trial is ongoing, as authorities seek justice for the cruel act.

Cammie’s story has touched many hearts, and people are hopeful for her recovery. The effort put in by the NGO, the prosthetics company, and the authorities highlights the importance of animal welfare and justice. Cammie’s journey to stand again is a symbol of resilience and the collective effort to help her heal.

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