Saturday, April 20, 2024

Saqib Azhar, E-Commerce Leading Light of Pakistan is All Set to Launch His Clothing Brand “Posh-Notch”

The leading light of E-Commerce Platform in Pakistan, Saqib Azhar has recently unveiled his upcoming clothing brand ‘Posh Notch by Saqib Azhar’. This news has been shared via his official social media account where the excitement among the fashion enthusiasts has already been noticed on social media platforms.

Posh Notch- A brand by Saqib Azhar is a start-up clothing brand specializing in unique casual/semi-formal & formal clothing. As per the officials, Posh Notch is ready to set the trend in the world of fashion.

Moreover, a case study for everyone will also be available regarding ‘how to build a brand’ as Saqib Azhar has selected manufacturing units and outsourced it for quick production of his upcoming clothing collections. Currently, all the proposed products are in the production phase as they are planning to roll out soon in the market.

The fashion brand is all about classy and luxury attires that make a perfect blend of contemporary and conventional designs. The traditional Pakistani dress with a modern glimpse is what Pakistanis usually love; however, Saqib Azhar is soon going to launch his high-quality and luxury Posh Notch collections.

The curious fashion enthusiasts are waiting for the launch of the brand; however, the wait is about to get over because the launch is in the current month of July. Posh Notch is currently in the process of getting the brand ambassadors for many of their categories and Nadia Hussain is likely to be one of them.

Posh Notch is also introducing Eid Collection 2021 including Men’s Shalwar Kameez, Waistcoats, Polos, Trousers, Fabulous Men’s accessories, and more. The collections are assured to be elegant and exquisite, as per the CEO of the brand.  

The revolution of style and elegance will soon be available for people as Posh Notch is pleased to bring people a ravishing collection, the finest of its kind!

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