Saturday, July 20, 2024

Saudi Arabia Constructing Heat-Blocking Coating in Mina to Reduce Road Temperature to 15°C From 70°C

The authorities in Saudi Arabia are working on a project to apply a special coating that blocks heat at the holy sites in Makkah. They have already tried this experiment in the Jamarat stoning area to help the pilgrims during the hot summer season when the annual Hajj pilgrimage takes place.

This project is based on a research study that looked into cooling the roads in the holy sites. The General Authority for Roads, along with the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, and other relevant organizations, previously tested this technology a few months ago in the Riyadh region.

The experiment was done because roads tend to get very hot during the day, sometimes reaching temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius. At night, the roads release this heat, which creates a scientific phenomenon called the “heat island” effect. This phenomenon leads to increased energy consumption and air pollution.

The research experiment focused on dealing with this heat island effect by using special materials that can absorb less sunlight and have lower surface temperatures compared to traditional roads. These materials are suitable for roads near residential areas.The goal of this experiment is to reduce temperatures in neighborhoods and residential areas, decrease the energy needed for cooling buildings, and lessen the impact of climate change. This technology aims to create a more comfortable environment in waiting areas and places where people gather.

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