Thursday, December 7, 2023

Saudi Arabia Enlist Dutch Greenhouse Help to Grow Crops in Desert

Saudi Arabia is working with a Dutch company called Van Der Hoeven to make a special place for growing crops in areas where it’s hard to do farming. They want to make a big garden next to a new city called Neom. The city is being built by Saudi Arabia’s leader to be very modern. One important thing they are thinking about is having enough food.

The city’s website says they want to change how we grow, share, and eat food. So, Saudi Arabia is spending a lot of money, around $120 million, to make two test places where they can grow food in a different way.

These places will be like special rooms with a fake climate, especially made for plants. The head of Van Der Hoeven said they are doing this in places where it’s hard to grow things outside.

The plan is to use the desert to figure out better ways to make food when there is not much water. They hope to find ideas that can be used everywhere as the world’s climate changes and it becomes harder to find good land for farming.

Neom wants to be an important example for how we can make food better, make sure there is enough, and help people stay healthy.

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