Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Saudi Arabia Evacuates Over 150 People, including Pakistanis from Sudan

Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia declared that it had successfully evacuated over 150 individuals from Sudan, which included Pakistani nationals, foreign diplomats, and officials. This is significant as it marks the first time that civilians have been evacuated since the start of the conflict.

According to a statement released by the Saudi foreign ministry, the country’s naval forces, with assistance from other branches of the military, successfully conducted the evacuation.

The ministry further stated that a total of 91 Saudi citizens and approximately 66 individuals from 12 other countries had been safely transported to their destination.

The statement from the Saudi foreign ministry did not disclose any additional information regarding the diplomats and international officials who were among those evacuated.

Videos released by the state-run Al-Ekhbariya television showed warships arriving at Jeddah’s port on Saturday. The footage also depicted officials and soldiers distributing sweets to those who were evacuated.

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