Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Saudi Arabia Has Launched ‘Visiting Investor’ E-visa, Here’s How to Apply!

The Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia has taken an initiative of ‘Visiting Investor’ visa to promote foreign investments in the country. The visa is for businessmen and investors who intend to visit the country and explore investment opportunities.

Eligible Candidates

The initiative is the part of Saudi Vision 2030 and means to attract investors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Initially businessmen from some countries will be allocated this opportunity and later the chance will be given to multiple nationalities.

The visa applying process is highly convenient and fast. Once an interested individual submits the application, the visa is issued immediately through e-mail.

How to Apply

According to the ministry of foreign affairs, the candidate must follow the following steps.

  • The businessmen have to apply through unified platform of visas.
  • The interested investors will apply for Business visit visa.

The process is online to make it faster to attract investors from world to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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