Monday, September 25, 2023

Saudi Arabia Introduces E-Visa for Pakistan

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry is introducing electronic visas (e-visas) in twelve countries, including Pakistan. The Saudi General Aviation Authority made the official announcement about this new visa system, which uses QR codes. The e-visa system is now operational in Saudi missions in countries like Turkey, Morocco, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Egypt.

This move is part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to improve and simplify consular services. The country is also working on updating the visa issuance process for various types of visas, such as work, residency, and visit visas. By making the visa rules more flexible and enhancing the visa processes, Saudi Arabia aims to attract more tourists and businesses to its land.

Furthermore, there are discussions about a potential unified visa system among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, similar to the Schengen model. This system could make travel within the GCC nations more convenient for tourists and businesses.

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