Thursday, September 21, 2023

Saudi Arabia to Fine Over Rs. 80,000 for Hanging Clothes on Balcony’s

In a bid to uphold the visual appeal of the cityscape and protect the structural integrity of buildings, the local government has rolled out fines ranging from SR200 to SR1,000. These fines target instances of incongruous objects being displayed on balconies and walls marred by unsightly graffiti.

The new regulations prohibit the hanging of items, such as hangers and materials, on balconies that do not complement the building’s architecture. This encompasses the drying of clothes in public view. The move aims to maintain the city’s aesthetic charm while preventing potential damage to the buildings.

Additionally, a fine structure has been established for defacing commercial building walls with graffiti, with penalties ranging from SR200 to SR1,000. Acknowledging graffiti as a form of vandalism that can harm property, the fines intend to dissuade individuals from engaging in such activities.

These measures reflect the local government’s commitment to fostering an attractive urban environment and safeguarding the structural integrity of buildings. Residents are encouraged to adhere to these regulations to ensure a harmonious and well-maintained cityscape.

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