Friday, May 31, 2024

Saudi Arabia to Test Flying Taxis, Drones this Hajj Season

During the upcoming Hajj season, Saudi Arabia is set to introduce innovative transportation options for pilgrims, as announced by Saudi Transport Minister Saleh Al-Jasser. Alongside traditional modes of travel, such as buses and trains, pilgrims will now have access to flying taxis and drones, marking a significant advancement in transportation services for the holy pilgrimage.

These cutting-edge transportation solutions aim to improve the overall travel experience for pilgrims by offering greater convenience and efficiency. By leveraging taxi apps and other technology-driven platforms, pilgrims will have more flexibility in planning and executing their journeys.

The decision to incorporate flying taxis and drones into the Hajj transportation network builds upon previous initiatives. Last year, plans were set in motion to test flying taxis during the Hajj season, and now, these plans are being realized. Saudi Arabian Airlines is taking a leading role in this endeavor, with plans to deploy approximately 100 aircraft to support the transportation needs of pilgrims.

One of the notable additions to the transportation fleet is the Lilium jet, which will provide swift and on-demand flights between key pilgrimage destinations such as Jeddah and Makkah. These short-haul flights are expected to streamline travel logistics and reduce transit times for pilgrims, contributing to a smoother and more efficient Hajj experience.

Overall, the introduction of flying taxis, drones, and other modern transportation options underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to enhancing the Hajj pilgrimage journey. By embracing innovative technologies and expanding transportation infrastructure, the Kingdom aims to cater to the evolving needs of pilgrims while upholding the sanctity and significance of this sacred pilgrimage.

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