Sunday, April 14, 2024

Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Made Guinness Record by Building World’s Largest Mural Made from 400,000 Plastic Lids

Saudi artist Khulood Al-Fadli in collaboration with local environmental organizations and the Jeddah municipality made Guinness record by creating a monumental mural spanning 383 sq. meters using 500,000 recycled plastic bottle caps.

After a dedication of more than eight months and using nearly a ton of plastic waste, the project was brought to life with the assistance of volunteers. This eco-friendly mural is designed with the main objective of combatting plastic waste pollution.

Supported by Green Leaves School students, family, friends, and an increasing number of plastic bottle cap donors, Al-Fadli aimed to make a significant impact and develop public awareness regarding environmental concerns within the Kingdom.

Al-Fadli seems to be consistent with her aim of reducing plastic waste as in 2021, she secured the Guinness World Record for crafting the largest world map spanning 250 sq. meters using 350,000 plastic water caps.

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