Sunday, October 1, 2023

Saudi Shepherd Giving Tang to his Camels to Help Them Beat Heat

In the wake of unbearable hot weather, a Saudi Shepherd, in the display of love for his camels, made a refreshing ‘Tang’ juice. In a video on social media, the Saudi shepherd can be seen adding ‘Tang’ in a large container of water to help camels beat the scorching heat of summer.

Surprisingly, the camels seem to be enjoying the freshening orange tang juice as much as every human does. This creative idea by the Arab Shepherd must be helping camels to survive and travel during summer. Camels are known for their exceptional ability to store water and travel without drinking water for days, however, with tang juice the ability seems to be enhanced.

The effort of the shepherd received much appreciation from everyone worldwide, reflecting his love and care for animals, a highly treasured quality.

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