Friday, April 19, 2024

Scheme of Pyramid/Ponzi Companies in Pakistan use promising high earnings for unemployed graduates

It is notified of the multiplicity in Pakistan of firms providing Pyramid/Ponzi schemes and it is thought that they operate under one single umbrella and have many names so that they are not caught under the eyes of the authorities.

Corporations attract the general public by providing substantial unrealized profits and returns to invest in their business. As informed, these companies target unemployed graders primarily to invest and build up an investment pyramid through further investment chunks.

Only more investors will be assured of large monthly returns. The investment is motivated by spectacular high gains to involve additional investors and the pyramid continues to expand.

If somebody reaches you and utilizes the following keywords in a business idea,

*Senior Business Partners

*Extended business opportunity


*Business information to be revealed after evaluation through interview

*Investment scope to discuss in a conversation

*Senior Business Partners

Stay clear of them. It is a multi-level (MLM) or network marketing system, and it’s the Pyramid Scheme and Ponzi scheme in simpler terms.

Together with pyramidal schemes and Ponzi schemes, unethical investors take advantage of unwary people by promising spectacular returns on their money.

Investors send fund managers money via Ponzi schemes. Then they are paid out with the incoming money given by subsequent investors when they want their money back. The initial schemer attracts additional investors via a pyramid scheme, who recruit other investors, etc. Late-joining investors pay for the chance to participate or sell some products to the person who attracted them.

Investors generally donate money to the “portfolio manager,” who guarantees high rates of return, and then when investors want to get their money back, the incoming funds provided by later investors are paid out.

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